Do I need to have prior dancing experience?

You don’t need to worry about that, you can learn with us from the very beginning and we will guide you step by step.

Should I bring my own dance partner?

Don’t be shy to come alone, we have enough dance partners for you 🙂

What if I don’t see a class that works for my schedule?

We will consider adding an additional class to the schedule, if you can bring 5 or more dancers who want to take that class and space allows it we could start it right away. Otherwise, you can tell us about and we will add your request to the wish list. With enough requests we may eventually start a class that fits you.

Is there an age limit or range?

There is none, we had students from 2 to 70 years and everybody is welcome in our dance classes.

What should I wear for class?

Dancing is about movement and enjoyment. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that allows you to be flexible and relaxed.

Do you offer any specialized training?

Yes. We also offer specialized classes to complement what you are learning in your dance program, including presentation and styling. Don’t hesitate to ask one of our dance instructors.

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